Monday, March 10, 2014

A New Nose Grown on Patient's Forehead

Xiaolian growing his own nose, courtesy of

In Fuzhou City east of China's Fujian Province lives a man who is growing a new nose on his forehead. After suffering an infection from an automobile accident, Xiaolian, lost his nose after failing to seek treatment. The surgeons have used a tissue expander along with cartilage taken from Xiaolian's ribs to mold the nose onto Xiaolian's forehead.

The idea of growing a nose using an individual's limb is not unheard of as a British man who lost his nose to caner, grew a new one on his forearm. Professor Seifalian not only added the British man in growing a synthetic nose but is a specialist in nanocomposite materials which was used to grow the first synthetic windpipe transplanted into a patient in 2011.

Courtesy of
In 9 months time will the nose be ready to transplant. Xiaolian can go back to living a normal life once successful surgery has been completed. 

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